PWA Face Off

PWA Face Off
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PWA Face Off

Holvoets Kapellefeesten

●●● INFO ●●●

18u30 – Barbecue
21u00 – Showtime

●●● PWA FACE OFF ●●●

As is tradition every year were Pro wrestling Allstars is blasting off the summer with a fantastic event at the end of June. This year we are setting up shop in the community of Hulste (West Flanders). We are working together with the organisation of Holvoets Kapellefeesten. On Saturday the 24th of June they are ending the day with a huge barbecue and topping it off with a brand new Allstars-show, ‘Face Off’.

You are not going to want to miss this, so make sure you grab one of the limited spots! There’s a choice between 2 formulas:

FORMULE 1 – Barbecue + Wrestling
Do you want to enjoy a delicious barbecue you can join us at 18h30, which will be followed by our live wrestling show at 21h all for the price of 20€ pp

FORMULE 2 – Only Wrestling
Is action all you seek? Then the show, featuring an international line-up, is available at 21h for the low price of 5€ pp

As was said earlier the seats for this event are limited. To reserve tickets you can send an e-mail to Dean Manhaeve ( in which you mention your name, contact-info, number of people and the desired formula (BBQ + Wrestling or Only Wrestling)

●●● TICKETS ●●●

> BBQ + Wrestling: € 20,00 p.p.
> Enkel Wrestling: € 5,00 p.p.


– ‘PWA DareDevil Kampioen’ Nitro (HUN)
– ‘PWA Queen of Diamonds Kampioene’ Lana Austin (UK)
– Rami Romeo (BE)
– The Fabulous Nicky (IER)
– Alexander James (US)
– Audrey Bride (HUN)
– Gabriel Angelfyre (NL)
– Sean Lucas (NL)

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Danscafé De Cluyse, Hemiksem
Vastgoed Clement, Boom
O’Fiach Irish Pub, Mechelen
– EVC Ramen & Deuren, Niel
Eetcafé La Copita, Niel
Van de Velde & Co, Liezele
PPC Solutions, Zemst