FACE OFF: Second Solution is coming to Hulste on the 24th of June

FACE OFF: Second Solution is coming to Hulste on the 24th of June

These last few months the men of the Second Solution have made themselves extensively unpopular with the Allstars crowd. Spike Bones and Steve Venom once were crowd favourites, but those times are now far behind us. They might not seem very dangerous, they’re certainly not very physically threatening, but their opponents should better beware. Spike and Steve know every trick in the book, and that makes sure they always have an ace up their sleeve. They’re former Tag Team champions for a reason, after all. As a team the men form a well-oiled machine.

On top of that the duo has recently picked up an extra ace, being their new manager Hayes. That this young lady has had a strong influence on the two men was clear from the start, when the first appearance of Hayes led to the victory of Spike Bones’ Catch Cup ’17 match earlier this year. So, on the 24th of June, the champions at Pro Wrestling Allstars should have eyes on their backs because Spike Bones can cash in his Catch Cup contract at any time for a title match of his choosing. And with Steve and Hayes, Spike has not one but two aces up his sleeve at the ready.

Sam Libbrecht

June 18th, 2017

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