UPROAR: Little Miss Roxxy makes her Belgian debut

UPROAR: Little Miss Roxxy makes her Belgian debut

At the moment the Allstars are enjoying a well-deserved summer holiday, but you should not be mistaken because behind the scenes the board members are hard at work.

The first part of 2017 has brought a lot of excitement, spectacle and surprises; the debut of Lana Austin who did not wast a single second stealing away the Queen of Diamonds championship from Audrey Bride, the disbanding of the Church of Angelfyre after all the members turn on the leader Gabriel Angelfyre, international challengers Jimmy Lightning, Tristan Archer and Alexander James who all tried to dethrone Nitro, the DareDevil champion… .

In April we made our debut in Mechelen, to the great enjoyment of our fans and the locals. The show was an absolute succes which led to the decision to set up our ring once more in Zaal De Brug in Mechelen. Which we will do on the 4th of November with our new show PWA Uproar. To honor this new show we’ll bring a new face to Allstars.

The past year our Diamonds Division got a lot of international exposure. Of course this is because of the wide array of talent you got to witness in the Allstars-ring such as Lana Austin (UK), Audrey Bride (HUN), Kazza G (IER), Courtney (SCO), Amale Winchester (FR), Eva Summers (FR), and many others… An extensive list of international women are at our door to get their shot at the coveted Queen of Diamonds title.

On the 4th of November a new name wil be added to the Diamonds division. We will be honored to receive Little Miss Roxxy. This British diva is a rising star in her own country. She made her debut in 2015 and managed to break out internationally. Besides England she has wrestled in Scotland, Spain, France and Germany. She has faced many a known wrestlers such as Lana Austin, Toni Storm, Alpha Female, Kay Lee Ray, Kimber Lee, Bea Priestley, and many others…

This autumn Roxxy makes her Belgian debut and she isn’t planning on going without a victory. The ladies in the Diamonds Division are warned, Little Miss Roxxy is known to use her flexible body to get the upper hand.

More info on PWA Uproar and all other Allstars events will soon be available on our website and our social media.

Sam Libbrecht

July 11th, 2017

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