THE NEXT LEVEL: Catch Cup ’17 Trophy at stake

THE NEXT LEVEL: Catch Cup ’17 Trophy at stake

At the start of this year we had our eight installation of the Catch Cup tournament. The Catch Cup concept changes each year, and this year the concept was the chance to win the gold through a Riot Match with 17 competitors. In his fourth participation in the Catch Cup tournament Spike Bones finally took home the coveted trophy. Through a sly move Spike and his Second Solution partners, Steve Venom and Hayes, eliminated the final opponent, reigning DareDevil champion, Nitro.

Since 2013 the trophy comes with a contract for a title match of the holder’s choosing. The contract can be cashed in at all times for a title match. All of the past victors have successfully cashed in their contracts. So there is no doubt that all the title holders within Pro Wrestling Allstars best be wary of the Catch Cup winner.

It is still unclear what Spike plans to do with the contract. No one knows when he’ll cash it in, nor what title he is aiming for. But the trophy holder’s patience could turn out poorly for him.

The Allstars board has announced today that Spike Bones’ Catch Cup trophy and included contract will be at stake on the 8th of October in a match against Rami Romeo. The party animal from Lebanon is homegrown, coming from the SLAM! Wrestling Academy and broke through last year not only in Pro Wrestling Allstars but in The Netherlands and France as well. At a dizzying pace Rami cut a path through the Allstars roster to the gold when he and his partner Audrey Bride won the Tag Team championships in the summer of last year from Rob Raw and Rex Rage.

That Rami is successful outside of the ring as well was made clear when he won two awards in the PWA Best of 2016 Awards. The Allstars fans voted Rami to the top as SLAM! Wrestler of the year, and Audrey Bride and himself as Tag Team of the year.

There is no doubt there is a lot more in store for this young talent. A Catch Cup contract would be a useful shortcut for Rami for a new Allstars title. Who will be the PWA champions’ worst nightmare after the 8th of OCtober? Spike Bones or Rami Romeo? Find out at PWA The Next Level!

Sam Libbrecht

August 28th, 2017

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