SOLE SURVIVOR II: David Steel returns to the Allstars ring

SOLE SURVIVOR II: David Steel returns to the Allstars ring

If the fall won’t be exciting enough, as of today we can tell you that the biggest event of the year will take place on Saturday, the 2nd of December. After the success of the Sole Survivor event last year we’re bringing the 30-man match back to Pro Wrestling Allstars. For this event we will also be taking our ring to a new brand new location. After heaps of messages from fans who were distraught that we had to move away from our roots in de Schorre, we can now tell you that we will be coming back to Boom this year, to The Feestpaleis.

David Steel after his Catch Cup ’11 victory.

And if that was not enough we’ve got another bombshell of an announcement regarding the Sole Survivor match itself. The man or woman who manages to remain in the ring as the last man/woman standing will automatically be a part of the main event of our 10 Year Anniversary show next year. That main event will be a title match of the person’s choosing! The familiar faces of Pro Wrestling Allstars will be flanked with an influx of new talent as is custom … But with the run-up to our 10-year anniversary, this match will also include a lot of old acquaintances finding their way to the Allstars ring once more, in hopes of successfully making their way to the biggest Allstars show of all times, the 10 Year Anniversary spectacle.

So it is with great pleasure that we’re announcing the first returning star from the past 10 years will be none other than David Steel. The ‘Gladiator van de Ring’ made his Allstars debut in 2009. He took part in the first Catch Cup tournament in 2010 but came up short in the semi-finals against the man who’d win the tournament, Rob Raw. In 2011 Steel managed to win the Catch Cup by beating 15 others in a Knockdown Roulette match, a precursor to the Sole Survivor match. This Belgian titan left the arena in 2012, but after 5 years of absence he is coming back as one of the 30 participants in the 2nd Sole Survivor match.

Sam Libbrecht

September 1st, 2017

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