THE NEXT LEVEL: Queen of Diamonds championship on the line

THE NEXT LEVEL: Queen of Diamonds championship on the line

Earlier we announced that reigning Queen of Diamonds champion Audrey Bride would be present at The Next Level, but the Hungarian diva will also defend her title that afternoon. The challenger for the title is the very confident Sarah-Elisa Hayes. In her debut-match she has immediately set her sights on the ultimate prize in the Pro Wrestling Allstars Women’s Division.

Although it’ll be Hayes’ first time in in-ring competition the two are not unfamiliar. The Second Solution member has some history with Audrey when her partners Spike Bones and Steve Venom faced the Hungarian and her #Party partner Rami Romeo. Audrey managed to get the victory for her team that night, and that left a bitter taste in the mouths of the Second Solution-members. So the team now seeks retribution for the damage done through Hayes, and perhaps win the gold to add insult to injury.

That Hayes can be the deciding factor for Second Solution has been proven more than once. When she appeared for the first time she was undoubtedly a considerable hazard for Nitro who had the Catch Cup slip through his fingers. During the last match of the Second Solution she slyly distracted the ref so that Nate Devlin could win the match. What Hayes can do for her male team members, however, Spike and Steve can do for her. So Audrey would best keep her eyes open if she does not want to fall into a Second Solution trap.

The reigning champion has just come off of a huge victory against former champion Lana Austin. A victory with which Audrey once more wrote history at Pro Wrestling Allstars. Her victory made her a three-time Queen of Diamonds, and she is not letting anyone take that away from her.

Will Audrey Bride successfully defend her title, or do Hayes and her companions have an ace up their sleeve to get revenge on the #Party member?

Sam Libbrecht

September 11th, 2017

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