THE NEXT LEVEL: Belgian debut for Portuguese duo

THE NEXT LEVEL: Belgian debut for Portuguese duo

New European talent is preparing for their arrival in the Allstars ring. The Portuguese duo RAFA and Kelly, both from Lisbon, will set foot in their first ever Belgian ring on the 8th of October at Pro Wrestling Allstars.

RAFA started training at a young age and made his debut in 2015, quickly rising to become one of the must see practitioners of the Portuguese wrestling style. In his homeland he is known for his hard hitting style, submissions and his athleticism which fans have come to describe as ‘Estilo Forte Portugu√™s‘, which translates to Portuguese Strong Style. After he defeated his mentor in one of the most high profile match-ups in Portuguese history, he went to Germany where he defeated George Meddleson in his debut match in April.

Kelly has frequently faced male competitors in her motherland for lack of female competition. Her biggest achievement to date is when she competed in a championship match against the Wrestling Portugal National Champion. She developed a hard hitting style as well, filled to the brim with lethal kicks and punches. Just like her countryman she took to Germany where she had to admit defeat to the German Rachel Fire. Nonetheless Kelly has faced considerable names in women’s wrestling during the past years, such as Nina Samuels (UK), Camille (France), Kagetsu (Japan), Hana Kimura (Japan) and Dragonita (Spain).

There is no doubt that RAFA and Kelly are coming to Belgium to show everything they have in the hopes of becoming mainstays of the Allstars roster!

Sam Libbrecht

September 14th, 2017

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