THE NEXT LEVEL: #1 Contender for the European Allstars gold will be decided by a Riot Match

THE NEXT LEVEL: #1 Contender for the European Allstars gold will be decided by a Riot Match

SLAM! Wrestling academy events and Riot matches have gone hand in hand for years. In 2014 SLAM! student Bob Striver truly set himself apart by winning the first SLAM! Riot Match. In 2015 it was Shayla Skye who set herself apart from the 13 other participants and took home the victory. And last year it was Danny Blaze who won the Riot Match, gaining him an important boost to a DareDevil title match later that year.

But this year the stakes are higher than ever, because this year the last man or woman standing in the Riot Match becomes the #1 Contender for the European Allstars championship. They will then go on and face the champion Rex Rage on PWA Uproar on Saturday, the 4th of November.

The contender-pool is larger than ever, as well, because all the wrestlers present at PWA The Next Level on the 8th of October will be participating in the main event Riot Match. All wrestlers that have been announced to date have been added to the match, which will provide very interesting possibilities.

The reigning DareDevil champion ‘Nitro‘ has the possibility to get one step closer to the European Allstars championship and, like Johnny Evers did before him at the end of 2015, attain the European Allstars gold while holding the DareDevil gold. But history can be written as well, were one of the women to win the Riot Match. The European Allstars, DareDevil and Tag Team championship are all under the intergender rule. That means that we can also crown female champions, like Audrey Bride has done being a Tag Team champion with her #Party partner Rami Romeo. But let’s not forget the entire team of Second Solution will be participating in this match, and despite it’s everyone for themselves this team will probably step onto the front line as one.

Whatever happens, this is the perfect opportunity to take a shortcut to the tap and get a chance at the ultimate Allstars gold on the 4th of November. Who manages to be the last one standing in this momentous Riot match? Discover on the 8th of October in Boom!

Sam Libbrecht

September 22nd, 2017

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