THE NEXT LEVEL: Quick Results

THE NEXT LEVEL: Quick Results

Our yearly Academy show once more brought many new faces and surprises to the Allstars ring. In the main event Rami Romeo managed to stand tall over 20 other wrestlers and won the Main Event Riot match. Which makes Rami Romeo the new #1 contender for the European Allstars championship, and he will meet Rex Rage in the ring for a title match on the 4th of November.

The set Queen of Diamonds title match between challenger Sarah-Elisa Hayes and reigning champion Audrey Bride was immediately disturbed by Steve Venom. Both members of the Second Solution went to work immediately with a vicious assault on the Diamonds division champion, until fellow countryman and reigning DareDevil champion Nitro came to the rescue. The chaos led to a tag team match between both champions and the members of Second Solution where both the Queen of Diamonds and the DareDevil championships were on the line. The first fall was for Audrey Bride who managed to beat Hayes and secured her reign as Queen of Diamonds. The second fall, after a miscue with Second Solution member Spike Bones, Steve Venom managed to used the DareDevil title as leverage for a victory over Nitro. But his celebration was incredibly short-lived… Spike Bones hadn’t forgotten Steve’s ‘accidental’ shot with the title and decided to cash his Catch Cup Contract for a title match of his choosing. Behind the back of an unsuspecting Steve Venom, Spike cashed in and rolled him up for a victory.

– Maverick Rennson defeats Keith Mercer
– Kelly& RAFA defeats Timo Zimone &
– Guy Vautier defeats Danny Sparks
– Scotty Valentine & George Meddleson defeat Asriel Walker & Sam Bellamy
– CATCH CUP ’17 CUP: Spike Bones (c) defeats Rami Romeo
– QUEEN OF DIAMONDS CHAMPIONSHIP: Audrey Bride (c) & Nitro defeat Steve Venom & Sarah-Elisa Hayes
– DAREDEVIL CHAMPIONSHIP: Steve Venom & Sarah-Elisa Hayes defeat Audrey Bride & Nitro (c)
– #1 CONTENDER PWA EUROPEAN ALLSTARS CHAMPIONSHIP RIOT MATCH: Rami Romeo defeats Scotty Valentine, Rocky Jones, Kelly, TNK, Spike Bones, Steve Venom, Bob the Unicorn Hunter, Maverick Rennson, Keith Mercer, RAFA, Timo Zimone, Rick Taylor, Guy Vautier, Danny Sparks, George Meddleson, Audrey Bride, Nitro, Sarah-Elisa Hayes, Asriel Walker and  Sam Bellamy

Sam Libbrecht

October 12th, 2017

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