UPROAR: Tag Team Title match will hail a new record

UPROAR: Tag Team Title match will hail a new record

At the beginning of this year and old blood feud was uncovered at Pro Wrestling Allstars. Between 2004 and 2008 Sean Lucas and Gabriel Angelfyre brawled all over Belgium and The Netherlands. With varying levels of success the gentleman fought for honour and gold. They both went their separate ways after 2008 and their feud died a quiet death.

That was until the Soldiers of Fortune made their debut at Pro Wrestling Allstars last year. They broke ground where Gabriel Angelfyre has been a mainstay since 2009, and has won a lot of gold to boot. When Sean and Gabriel came face to face once more in the ring it seemed like the hatchet had been buried and they fought side by side in the Sole Survivor match. But this year that peace treaty was nowhere to be found when the Soldiers of Fortune joined Rex Rage in disbanding the Curch of Angelfyre. The war between Lucas and Angelfyre was reignited.

At the beginning of the summer they went face to face for the first time in almost 10 years in a one on one match at PWA Face Off. The stakes were high, because Sean Lucas had a missing piece of the puzzle in Gabriel’s Allstars career: the PWA Tag Team championship. Which is the only title that has forever eluded the Saviour’s grasp. If Angelfyre could win their one on one bout he’d get a Tag Team title match at their next encounter. If Sean Lucas got the victory Gabriel Angelfyre would never get a shot at the Tag Team gold again.

The reborn Gabriel Angelfyre managed to get the upper hand and a unique opportunity at a never before seen milestone in Pro Wrestling Allstars. On the 4th of November the Modern Messiah will get an opportunity to take on the reigning PWA Tag Team champions; Sean Lucas and Andrei Ivanov. However, a question arises. Who will be Gabriel Angelfyre’s tag team partner? Throughout the years Gabriel has been terrorising the Allstars roster with his Church and its following, so no one is really keen on trusting him. If Angelfyre does not manage to find a partner in time to take on the champions it seems that this match could become a 2 on 1 match, which is in the distinct disadvantage of the challenger.

Whoever wins on the 4th of November will write history. As aforementioned the Tag Team gold is the last piece of the puzzle for Gabriel Angelfyre to have won all the titles in Pro Wrestling Allstars and to be the very first in the organisation to become gain the Grand Slam title. In turn, the Soldiers of Fortune have been champions for 334 days on the mark. Which makes them an exact 30 days short of breaking Raw Rage‘s record as longest reigning PWA Tag Team champions. If they successfully defend their titles they will break the record before their potential, upcoming title defence on the 2nd of December at PWA Sole Survivor II.

Which record will be set on the 4th of November? And will Gabriel Angelfyre find a partner in time before the match?

Sam Libbrecht

October 12th, 2017

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