UPROAR: Former tag team partners go face to face

UPROAR: Former tag team partners go face to face

At the end of 2014 two enthusiastic young men from Antwerp entered SLAM! Wrestling Academy. Although both men had never met before, they quickly formed an tight bond. They became tight friends inside of and outside of the ring. And when it was time for their debut, they did it together side by side.

Obviously this pertains Danny Sparks and Mikey Blaze. The duo dived headfirst into the Tag Team division from the get go but never managed to get a big win. When they moved onto to singles competition, this changed. Danny Sparks quickly proved to be a fan favourite. With his unique techniques and high risk manoeuvres he got as far as the Catch Cup ’16 tournament finals. This wasn’t limited to our country, as he was entered into the New Breed division at the Dutch Pro Wrestling Showdown.

After a tough start Mikey Blaze fought tooth and nail into increasingly important matches. He has stood in the ring for the Daredevil championship and the European Allstars championship as well, however he never managed to obtain the title. Blaze has let us know that the reason for this was that people still saw him as merely the tag team partner of Danny Sparks. He believes he is walking in the shadow of his past tag team adventure. This past summer Mikey decided it was time for a fresh start and from now on he will be known as Keith Mercer, freed from prejudice and a crippling past.

However, Mercer believes that before he can truly be free he has to prove to the Allstars audience that he is stronger, smarter and better than his former tag team partner. This is why, at PWA The Next Level, Mercer emerged from seemingly nowhere and distracted Danny Sparks in his match against Guy Vautier. Mercer’s distraction proved enough to turn the tide and get Vautier the victory.

In Mechelen Keith Mercer will get the opportunity to prove himself against his former teammate, but said teammate himself is out for retribution…

Sam Libbrecht

October 25th, 2017

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