SOLE SURVIVOR II: 4 Way match for the Queen of Diamonds championship

SOLE SURVIVOR II: 4 Way match for the Queen of Diamonds championship

The fight between team Daniel and team Cindy took over PWA Uproar. After Gabriel Angelfyre and Nitro won the titles off of the Soldiers of Fortune, Daniel Montanus soon came to crash the party with a huge announcement.

Daniel was absolutely not pleased with the fact that Cindy had given the reigning Queen of Diamonds champion, Audrey Bride, the night off of PWA Uproar. Cindy had made this decision by herself without Montanus’ permission. This drove Daniel to in turn make a decision by his lonesome and he made a match for Sole Survivor II. In this match he forces the Hungarian Audrey Bride to defend her title against not one, not two but three other competitors.

The first challenger is the Portuguese ‘Killer’ Kelly. We first saw this woman in action at PWA The Next Level where she and her fellow countryman RAFA were victorious over the Germans, Timo Zimone and Rick Taylor.

The second challenger is Little Miss Roxxy. The British blonde announced a couple of days before PWA Uproar that she would not be debuting in Mechelen, but in Boom. The reason for this has now become clear, Daniel had offered her a contract with a title match clause.

The third challenger is not unfamiliar to Audrey and the Allstars audience. The Scottish Isla Dawn returns after more that a year and has set her sights on the Queen of Diamonds title. Isla faced Audrey in her Allstars debut last year and won that match assuredly. On the 2nd of December Isla Dawn is convinced she will once again seize the upper hand and take home the Queen of Diamonds championship.


Sam Libbrecht

November 16th, 2017

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