SOLE SURVIVOR II: DareDevil championship at stake in ever first Steel Chain Match

SOLE SURVIVOR II: DareDevil championship at stake in ever first Steel Chain Match

The clash between former best friends Spike Bones and Steve Venom has taken an intense turn. After 4 years of being a succesful team at Pro Wrestling Allstars, Spike Bones has torn away from the Second Solution in September. After one of many reckless actions by Steve, Spike decided to take control of his own fate. He used his Catch Cup to challenge the very recent DareDevil champion and 4 seconds later was a two-time DareDevil champion.

The remaining members of the Second Solution, Steve and Sarah-Elisa Hayes, challenged Spike to a tag team match at PWA Uproar in Mechelen. Together with Ruby Radley, Spike dealt with his former partners and won the match. However, the winners were blindsided and beaten down by Venom and Hayes. After a vicious attack by Steve on Spike, his new right-hand man Agent Delta Lima, chained him to a chair. This allowed Steve to run through Spike’s face with the Daredevil title before challenging him to a steel chain match at PWA Sole Survivor II.

On the 2nd of December the former partners are will form one last bond, a steel chain attached to the wrist of both wrestlers. There is no way to escape your opponent in such a match. Steve Venom wants to keep Spike Bones from running off with the title again, but after the champion got a taste of his own blood, Steve will not be able to escape his vengeance.

Which one of these men will have the DareDevil championship in his grasp after Pro Wrestling Allstars’ first ever steel chain match? And will Steve’s assault on the referees have any impact on this already extremely volatile situation?

Sam Libbrecht

November 16th, 2017

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