SOLE SURVIVOR II: European Allstar championship and Tag Team gold at stake

SOLE SURVIVOR II: European Allstar championship and Tag Team gold at stake

Gabriel Angelfyre made history at PWA Uproar. After already winning the DareDevil championship and procuring the European Allstars championship twice, the Tag Team championship was the last step in becoming the very first Grand Slam winner within our organisation. A feat that the Modern Messiah accomplished in Mechelen.

He faced a seemingly impossible challenge to do so, because he was set to face then-champions Sean Lucas & Andrei Ivanov on his own. The ‘Savior’ had made more foes than allies throughout his tenure in the Allsatrs ring, and after the Church of Angelfyre fell apart no one dared put faith in him. No one but Hungarian Nitro. The former DareDevil champion came to Angelfyre’s aid during the match, changing the 2 vs 1 setting to an honest tag team match. The duo managed to dethrone the powerful Soldiers of Fortune, ending their impressive 357-day reign. Not only was this a huge victory for the gentlemen themselves, but it was also a major win in Team Cindy‘s books. All titles but the European Allstars championship are now in Team Cindy’s possession.

For Gabriel Angelfyre this was a mere first step in a larger plot. Now that he has concluded his business with Sean Lucas and Andrei Ivanov, the savior has set his sights on Rex Rage. It was the reiging European champion that destroyed the Church of Angelfyre and after a missed opportunity for the gold earlier this year Angelfyre has a new shot at Rex’s title.

When the Grand Slam winner announced this intent, a frustrated Daniel Montanus parried with a choice for the Savior. Angelfyre gets an opportunity for the European Allstars title at Sole Survivor, but only if he puts his own Tag Team titles at stake. The brand new Tag Team champions love a challenge and wholeheartedly agreed to Montanus’ proposed stipulation.

Rex Rage calls upon his loyal partner Rob Raw, who will be returning to the Allstars-ring after a year of absence. Rob and Rex are still record holders for the longest reigning Tag Team champions by retaining the titles for 364 days in a row, from June 2015 until June 2016. Since they lost the gold, the Warriors have not yet had an opportunity to take back these titles. That being said Gabriel Angelfyre and Nitro are very worthy opponents and might just put a dead stop to their dreams of once more becoming Tag Team champions.

In summary, on the 2nd of December we’ll see a Tag Team match between reigning Tag Team champions Gabriel Angelfyre & Nitro and reigning European Allstar champion Rex Rage and his partner Rob Raw. The first fall in the match is fore the Tag Team championship. The rules are the same as a regular tag team match. The second fall is for the European Allstars championship. If Gabriel Angelfyre or Nitro gets the victory on either Rex Rage or Rob Raw, the titles goes to whoever got the win. If Rex Rage or Rob Raw is victorious over the other team, the title stays in Rex’s hands.

Will the champions retain their gold? Will both titles swap hands? Or will one team take it all home and leave the other empty-handed? Find out on the 2nd of December at the Feestpaleis in Boom!

Sam Libbrecht

November 16th, 2017

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