SOLE SURVIVOR II: First two drafts of SLAM! Wrestling Academy added to Sole Survivor match

SOLE SURVIVOR II: First two drafts of SLAM! Wrestling Academy added to Sole Survivor match

Beside Rufio and the recently announced wrestlers for PWA Sole Survivor II, our very own first two drafts of SLAM! Wrestling Academy wrestlers will partake in the Sole Survivor match.

The names from the first draft are familiar faces in the Allstars ring by now. Rami Romeo has swiftly taken over all the hearts of all the fans. Whether it be Mechelen, Boom, Hulste or anywhere, the show always turns into a party. In the past the Lebanese party animal has gotten his hands on the Tag Team gold with his #Party partner Audrey Bride last year. The winning of the Sole Survivor match could lead him to a new title very soon.

“The Black Dragon” Danny Sparks has blossomed into a fan favorite this past year. With his unique and sensational style of wrestling he managed to surprise friend and foe, but a real title match has eluded him so far. If Sparks pulls through this Sole Survivor match it could be closer than ever.

Keith Mercer is a man on a mission. He wants to let go of his past and prove that he is the one to come out on top of the SLAM! Academy. Winning the Sole Survivor match could be the ultimate proof that he is ready for a bright future.

At The Next Level we got acquainted with the second draft of SLAM!. We saw the two gentlemanSam Bellamy and Asriel Walker in action for the first time. They weren’t able to conclude the match like they planned to, but their efforts against the team of Scotty Valentine and George Meddleson convinced the Allstars board that they are ready to participate in the Sole Survivor match this year. History taught us that a lot of surprises happen in the Alstars ring, and the chance that one of these men manage an upset victory in the Sole Survivor match is very realistic.

At the start of this year we got to see Sarah-Elisa Hayes. The young lady was the surprise new member of the Second Solution and immediately played an important role as the manager during the Catch Cup ’17 Riot Match. But her debut as a wrestler has not gone so smoothly. She lost the match for her team both times, first against Audrey Bride and then against Ruby Radley. But just like the male superstars, Hayes can get an upset victory just as well.

Will a SLAM! original take the Sole Survivor victory this year, and the subsequent title opportunity at the 10 Year Anniversary show? Find out on the 2nd of December in the Feestpaleis in Boom!

Sam Libbrecht

November 16th, 2017

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