Sole Survivor II definitely lived up to its promise: action, suspense, sensation and surprises! Due to the terrible seasonal weather in England, Little Miss Roxxy had to forfeit an appearance at the show. But the fans soon came to forget about this setback because of an amazing show. We crowned new Tag Team champions and a brand new European Allstar champion as well. After another uncouth manoeuvre by Rex Rage, PWA board-member Cindy had him defend his title in the Sole Survivor match, and that made the other 29 very eager to be the last match standing to face the champion and take the gold home.

Singles Match
Mark Benjamin defeats Nate Devlin

Six Man Tag Team Match
Keith Mercer & Scotty Valentine & Jimmy Lightning (/w Jessie Jones) defeat Rami Romeo & Joel Vox & Danny Sparks

PWA DareDevil Title Steel Chain Match
Spike Bones (c) defeats Steve Venom

PWA Queen of Diamonds Title Triple Treath Match
Audrey Bride (c) defeats Isla Dawn en Killer Kelly

PWA Tag Team Title Match
Raw Rage (Rob Raw & Rex Rage) defeats Nitro  (c) & Johnny Evers (replacement for the injured Gabriel Angelfyre)

PWA European Allstar Title Match – 30 Man Sole Survivor Match

Nitro defeats Nate Devlin, Killer Kelly, Keith Mercer, Sam Bellamy, Maverick Rennson, Johnny Truant, Boomer, Steve Venom, Kemo, Joel Vox, TNK, Asriel Walker, Young Money Chong, Audrey Bride, Sarah-Elisa Hayes, Jay List, Isla Dawn, Johnny Evers, Rex Rage (c), Rob Raw, Danny Sparks, Daniel Montanus, Lloyd Pengel, Timo Zimone, Scotty Valentine, Rami Romeo, Jimmy Lightning and Mark Benjamin

  1. Killer Kelly eliminates Nate Devlin
  2. Killer Kelly eliminates Keith Mercer
  3. Sam Bellamy eliminates Killer Kelly
  4. Johnny Truant eliminates Sam Bellamy
  5. Steve Venom eliminates Maverick Rennson
  6. Boomer eliminates Joel Vox
  7. Steve Venom eliminates Johnny Truant
  8. Rufio eliminates Boomer
  9. Rufio eliminates Steve Venom
  10. Young Money Chong eliminates Kemo
  11. Young Money Chong eliminates Rufio
  12. Nitro eliminates TNK
  13. Audrey Bride eliminates Sarah-Elisa Hayes
  14. Young Money Chong eliminates Asriel Walker
  15. Rob Raw eliminates Jay List
  16. Isla Dawn eliminates Audrey Bride
  17. Rex Rage eliminates Johnny Evers
  18. Nitro eliminates Daniel Montanus
  19. Danny Sparks & Lloyd Pengel eliminate Young Money Chong
  20. Rob Raw eliminates Danny Sparks
  21. Nitro eliminates Rob Raw
  22. Rami Romeo eliminates Scotty Valentine
  23. Jimmy Lightning eliminates Rami Romeo
  24. Lloyd Pengel eliminates Timo Zimone
  25. Jimmy Lightning eliminates Mark Benjamin
  26. Nitro eliminates Jimmy Lightning
  27. Rex Rage eliminates Lloyd Pengel
  28. Nitro eliminates Isla Dawn
  29. Nitro eliminates Rex Rage

Sam Libbrecht

January 13th, 2018

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