Nitro writes history several times at Sole Survivor II

Nitro writes history several times at Sole Survivor II

That Nitro stole the night was undeniable. He was the Sole Survivor. That he, on top of that, became European Allstars champion subsequently made PWA’s second Grand Slam Champion. After Gabriel Angelfyre, Tamas Szabois the second person at Pro Wrestling Allstars who was held the DareDevil, Tag Team and European Allstars championship. In just 1 month and 25 days he managed to hold all 3 of them.

330 days after winning the DareDevil championship for the second time he lost it on the 8th of October to Steve Venom during PWA The Next Level. On the 4th of November Nitro unexpectedly sped to the side of the ‘Modern Messiah’ Gabriel Angelfyre against Tag Team champions, at the time, Soldiers of Fortune. Gabriel and Nitro conquered the Tag Team gold causing Angelfyre to become the very first Grand Slam champion. Although Nitro and Johnny Evers (replacement for the injured Gabriel Angelfyre) lost the gold once more on the 2 of December to Rex Rage and Rob Raw, the Hungarian champion managed to seize the European Allstars championship after a brutal Sole Survivor match.

Tamas also joins the list with Audrey Bride and Gabriel Angelfyre who each are 4-time champions in PWA. And as if that wasn’t enough, Nitro has also set new records in the Sole Survivor match. During the first edition Nitro had the record longest time, staying in the match for 17 minutes and 48 seconds. Even though he was second to last to be eliminated by eventual winner Kazza G, Tamas tied with Johnny Evers for most eliminations in the match. Both eliminated 4 other wrestlers from the match.

This year records fell by the dozen and Tamas once again raised the bar. Nitro won the match no less than 22 minutes and 30 seconds after he came in on #16. He raised the number of eliminations as well this year with a total of 6 contestants eliminated from the match by the eventual winner.

After only 2 Sole Survivor matches Nitro has had a combined stint of 40 minutes and 18 seconds in the match. He beats the runner-up by far, that being Steve Venom with a combined time of 17 minutes and 58 seconds, and number 3, Rex Rage who holds a combined time of 17 minutes and 15 seconds. And with a total 10 eliminations after 2 Sole Survivor he has more than double the amount of runner up, Johnny Evers, who has a total of 4 eliminations to his name.

Sam Libbrecht

January 13th, 2018

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