A year in review: 2014

A year in review: 2014

The year 2014 is now a little more than 2 weeks in the books, and we’d like to take a moment to look back at the year 2014. As we do this, we’ll see what the year 2015 has to offer us within the PWA world. .

2014 will forever be known as the year that Pro Wrestling Allstars made two international headliners debut in Belgium. Former WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick made their presence twice inside the Allstars ring, as they gave us their best showing. The absolute highlight was the victory of Paul London over Gabriel Angelfyre in October where the American won the PWA European Allstars Championship. London’s Shooting Star Press and the following 3-count had the loudest pop of the audience since the creation of Pro Wrestling Allstars. De Intrepid Traveler made an end of the 412 day reign of Gabriel Angelfyre as London became the sixth European Allstars Champion in history.


Not only the European Allstar Title changed hands, but other Titles within Pro Wrestling Allstars changed hands. Young Money Chong started the year as DareDevil champion and defended the title in an exiting 3-Way against Tengkwa and Jamie De La Combé. However, during the summer of 2014, it all went awry. The then-champion let himslef get suprised in a match against the Belgian Spike Bones with his speed, who defeated the ‘Moneymaker’ for the title. Before Spike Bones even had the chance to admire his newly won title, his next challenger already showed himself in the ring. Kid Lux, who had won the anual Catch Cup Tournament a few weeks before, had the opportunity to challenge a wrestler for a title at his choosing.  With a worn-down DareDevil Champion before him, Kid Lux had no trouble wasting his chance. Without much effort, he managed to beat the new champion and win the DareDevil title for himself.

Besides the DareDevil championship, the PWA Tag Team Titles changed also twice as owners. The team of Hard Rock Inc. got a rematch at the first show of the year against the then Tag Team Champions, Spike Bones & Steve Venom. The Dutch rockers felt dissatisfied after a match against Steve and Richie Julio (who replaced an injured Spike Bones) in a title match at the end of 2013. Jimmy Lightning and Jeff McCready managed to defeat, with a bit of help of their manager Jessie Jones, the Belgium duo and win the titles for themselves. During the summer, Hard Rock Inc. defended their titles successfully. However, in the autumn of 2014, competition got a little too heavy for them. That competition came from the team of Richie Julio and Jamie De La Combé. Richie and Jamie have had a strong friendship for many years, and this is reflected in the ring. The absolute fan-favorites feel each other well and bring a mix of power, technique, speed and spectacle to the ring. That combination made them a strong team, and that was solidified when they managed to beat Hard Rock Inc. for the Tag Team Championships in October.

Two remarkable records have been placed in 2014. Even stronger, both records come from the same person! TThe Dutch Jurn Simmons races since his debut in the summer of 2013 as a storm through the PWA roster. Every opponent he faced in the PWA ring, got nailed on the mat by the Frisian Sledgehammer for a 3-count. 12-0 is the score Jurn has accumulated. And if that wasn’t even enough, he did it twice in a remarkable way. In April, he made quick fashion of Jester in a record-time of 54 seconds! In October however, he got his his hands full with Young Money Chong, as he set the record for the longest match in PWA history. Both men went to battle in a match that lasted nothing more than an astonishing time of 2 hours and 14 minutes, as they battled not only in the ring but, battled backstage and through the streets of Hemiksem!

However, lets not forget that there is another active superstar on the PWA-roster that never had his shoulders held down for the full three count, and has never given up through submission. Ever since his debut in 2011, PWA can be proud on the technically gifted Tenkwa. Even though in 2012 his match against Emil Sitoci ended in a no-contest and in April 2014, it was Chong who defeated Jamie DLC in the 3-way involving Tengkwa, there still hasn’t been a superstar who managed to defeat Tengkwa one-on-one! However, defeat came close in October when Tengkwa squared off with Brian Kendrick. After taking the ‘Sliced Bread #2’ from Kendrick, Tengkwa managed to take victory in their hard-fought contest by rolling up the former TNA X-Division champion.


2014 was the year that several ladies got to make their debut in the PWA ring, to fight out their personal battle. Past Spring, the 18 year old Shayla Skye made her in-ring debut. The Belgian Blonde from Charleroi took on the Dutch Danni D. in her first match. The experience that Danni D. has, was an important factor with which she beat Shayla twice. During the fall of 2014, Skye got the opportunity to face an other experienced diva in the ring. The Hungarian Audrey Bride made her Belgian debut in October, and she managed to take home the victory against the young lady from Charleroi. There’s one thing we’re sure off, these ladies will return to the PWA ring to prove they are no kittens to adress without gloves.


Not only our American guests and the ladies were new blood in the PWA ring, but the fans got to lay eyes on a new international Tag Team. The Budapest Party, existing of the hungarian ‘Nitro’ and the French ‘Yan Colby’, got to prove themselves in front of the Flemish audience. Both men got the message and left a strong impression when they defeated former Tag Team Champions Steve Venom & Spike Bones in their debut match. We also welcomed new talent from the PWH Acadamy. The Dutch Joel Vox made his debut at Johnny Evers’ side during Checkpoint 20 this past summer. Even though he lost the match for his team, he managed to get momentum back this fall when he beat Dragan Spazic during the pre-show of Colission Course in Hemiksem. The last new face we met this year, was the British Saxon Huxley. The Muscle Cat is a student of Brian Kendrick and Lance Storm. No lack of in-ring knowledge in this heavyweight. In his Belgian debut he managed to defeat the experienced Rob Raw.


The year started off great for Church leader Gabirel Angelfyre as European Allstar Champion and his righthand Young Money Chong as DareDevil Champion. Unforunately, their year ended a lot less successful. Even though the members list of the Church expanded in 2014. The Modern Messiah can now rely on talents as Rob Raw, Rex Rage, Danni D. and Dragan Spazic. After his loss against the American Paul London, it’s been very quiet around the Church. The PWA board has not received any message from the camp of the Moden Messiah. Angelfyre and the PWA board outright faced each other this year when the board suspended the former champion and fined him for his actions in his initial match against Paul London in April this year. On one evening the entire Church has been emberassed, London defeated Angelfyre for the title. Jurn Simmons defeated Young Money Chong, Rob Raw got nailed by Saxon Huxley and the young Joel Vox got pinned by the Bosnian Dragan Spazic. The Church members one by one left the arena with their heads turned down of shame…

As you can see, it was an exciting year in the PWA ring. The way in 2015 has been paved and it’s looking very promising!!

We’d like to see each and every one of you again for our first show in 2015 on March 28th in Zaal Het Welzijn in Hemiksem. As always, more info can be found on our website and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


December 31st, 2014

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