Breakout overshadowed by an unprecedented attack

Breakout overshadowed by an unprecedented attack

A cowardly attack from the Hard Rock Inc. members Allstars Official Cindy is overshadowing the Breakout event this past weekend.

It’s no secret that Cindy and Jessie Jones cannot stand each other. The actions and attitude of Jessie and other Hard Rock Inc. members haven’t been eye to eye with the rules and regulations concerning the roster that have been instated by the Allstars board. As long as the members of Hard Rock Inc. do not go along with the rules, Cindy will continue to make things difficult for them.

THe verbal threats have been getting more and more escalated over the past year, and both women have been in physical conflict before, but what happened this past Saturday was beyond all imagination… During the match between Jeff McCready and Steve Venom there was a confrontation between Cindy and Jessie. The referee therefor sent them both to the backstage. But when Steve, Spike and Cindy were celebrating the victory following the match, fate hit. Jimmy, Jeff and Jessie stormed the ring and acted their agression on Cindy. Following a devastating Piledriver on Allstars Official, Jessie made things worse when she layed Cindy out with a DDT.

The unprecedented attack was a shock for fans in attendance, as for the wrestlers who saw the attack happen. Cindy is recovering from the injuries she sustained by the attack and has sent word out that she’ll be giving a statement soon. The actions of Hard Rock Inc. will not go without consequences


March 15th, 2016

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