SOLE SURVIVOR: Who will take on the #Party?

SOLE SURVIVOR: Who will take on the #Party?

The current PWA Tag Team champions, Rami Romeo & Audrey Bride, will defend their titles on the 12th of November, however it is still unsure who will be their opponents. In a video conference past weekend the complete Allstars-board was supposed to decide who will be the #1 contender, but the members of the daily committee, represented by Cindy, were unable to come to an agreement with Daniel Montanus.

Both parties were given 48 hours to compromise on the challengers for the Tag Team gold. We hope to find out soon who will oppose Rami & Audrey. In the mean time it was confirmed that Rami Romeo and Audrey Bride were both added to the 30 man Sole Survivor match.


Sam Libbrecht

October 30th, 2016

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