SOLE SURVIVOR: Quick Results

SOLE SURVIVOR: Quick Results

PWA European Allstar Championship match:
– Johnny Evers (c) defeats Jeff McCReady (/w Jessie Jones)

PWA Tag Team Championship match:
– Soldiers of Fortune (Sean Lucas & Andrei Ivanov) defeat The #Party (Rami Romeo & Audrey Bride) (c) and Nate Devlin & Mark Benjamin

PWA Queen of Diamonds Championship match:
– Eva Summers defeats Camille Grignon

Eight Men Tag Team match:
– Long & Thick (Bas Van Kunder & Mot Van Kunder) & Alex Legrand & Kazza G (/w Cindy) defeat Second Solution (Spike Bones & Steve Venom) & Rob Raw & Jimmy Lightning (/w Jessie Jones & Daniel Montanus)

PWA DareDevil Championship match:
– Nitro defeats Senza Volto (c)

PWA 30 Men Sole Survivor match:
– Kazza G defeats Mikey Blaze and DAnny Sparks and Jay List and Alex Legrand and Audrey Bride and Glitch and Spike Bones and Camille Grignon and Senza Volto and Eva Summers and Shayla Skye and Steve Venom and Mister Scott and Mark Benjamin and Rami Romeo and Cyborg and Rob Raw and Jessie Jones and Cindy and Mot Van Kunder and Jimmy Lightning and Jeff McCready and Bas Van Kunder and Sean Lucas and Nate Devlin and Andrei Ivanov and Johnny Evers and Nitro and Gabriel Angelfyre

1 Alex Legrand eliminates Mikey Blaze
2 Jay List eliminates Danny Sparks
3 Audrey Bride eliminates Jay List
4 Spike Bones eliminates Alex Legrand
5 Eva Summers eliminates Audrey Bride
6 Spike Bones and Steve Venom eliminate Glitch
7 Senza Volto eliminates Spike Bones
8 Eva Summers eliminates Camille
9 Nitro eliminates Senza Volto
10 Shayla Skye eliminates Eva Summers
11 Nitro eliminates Shayla Skye
12 Rami Romeo eliminates Steve Venom
13 Mark Benjamin eliminates Mister Scott
14 Nitro eliminates Mark Benjamin
15 Jimmy Lightning eliminates Rami Romeo
16 Rob Raw eliminates Cyborg
17 Bas Van Kunder eliminates Rob Raw
18 Cindy eliminates Jessie Jones
19 Cindy eliminates herself
20 Andrei Ivanov eliminates Mot Van Kunder
21 Johnny Evers eliminates Jimmy Lightning
22 Johnny Evers eliminates Jeff McCready
23 Sean Lucas eliminates Bas Van Kunder
24 Johnny Evers eliminates Sean Lucas
25 Nitro eliminates Nate Devlin
26 Johnny Evers eliminates Andrei Ivanov
27 Gabriel Angelfyre eliminates Johnny EVers
28 Kazza G eliminates Nitro
29 Kazza G pins Gabriel Angelfyre

Sam Libbrecht

November 23rd, 2016

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