REDEMPTION: Lana Austin is coming to Pro Wrestling Allstars

REDEMPTION: Lana Austin is coming to Pro Wrestling Allstars

Last year the Diamonds Division made a huge leap with lots of new female faces. This trend will continue this year. That’s why we can proudly announce one of England’s greatest talents of modern female wrestling will be making her debut in the Allstars ring on the 4th of March. With 4 years of experience in the ring we can say that Lana Austin has worked her way to the top of British Wrestling pretty quickly. Ze has wrestled with no less than 40 different promotions in- and outside of the UK including but not limited to Fierce Femals, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling and Belatrix Female Warriors. These past few years she managed to win a title 5 times.

She has shared the ring with a lot of familiar names such as Melina (WWE), Nikki Storm (NXT’s Nikki Cross), Awesome Kong (TNA), Jade (TNA), Leva Bates (NXT’s Blue Pants), Nixon Newell (WCPW, Progress), Viper (Stardom, ICW), Toni Storm (Stardom, wXw, Progress), and many others..

On Saturday the 4th of March, she will, for the first time in her career, come to Belgium and will most definitely have the Queen of Diamonds gold in her sights. However, whoever will face Lana in the ring best prepare themselves for a fight! This lady bounces back from nothing and has an impressive arsenal of manoeuvres to knock her opponents down, and keep them down.

Sam Libbrecht

January 1st, 2017

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