REDEMPTION: Nate Devlin and Mark Benjamin go face to face

REDEMPTION: Nate Devlin and Mark Benjamin go face to face

Last year we were introduced with some new talent on the Allstars-roster. One of those new faces was Dutch Nate Devlin. Even though his original debut was ruined at the hands of Ymah and Young Money Chong, he managed to put up a great fight against Nitro for the DareDevil championship at the start of the summer.

His performance took friend and foe by surprise, and caused Cindy’s decision to put him together with other newcomer Mark Benjamin for an opportunity at the PWA Tag Team gold. The new boys saw the gold pass right underneath them when the Soldier of Fortune took the belts off of the #Party. Mark and Nate managed to qualify themselves for a new chance at the Tag Team gold after they won a 4-way tag team match, but the ruling Tag Team champions were too much of a challenge for the new Allstars-faces.

Nate wanted to write history to take PWA gold in his debut year, which he failed to realize. This he blames on Mark, who last the last match for the team. Because of that he turned his back on his partner aft er match and attacked him. On the 4th of March both gentlemen will meet for the first time in singles competition. But to whom will the first singles victory in the Allstars ring go?

For those who have missed our last show, we have the footage of Nate’s attack on Mark after their tag team match:

Sam Libbrecht

January 31st, 2017

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