REDEMPTION: Johnny Evers demands a rematch against reigning European champion Rex Rage

REDEMPTION: Johnny Evers demands a rematch against reigning European champion Rex Rage

2016 was turning out to be a perfect year for Johnny Evers. He started the year as European Allstar and DareDevil champion. Even though he lost his DareDevil title to Nitro because of interference by Andrei Ivanov he managed to defend the European Allstars championship against some of the biggest and baddest challengers. Contender after contender, of which two-time European Allstar champion, Gabriel Angelfyre; the Alpha of the Sahara,Zafar, Ameen and current NXT-wrestler, Tommy End were unable to dethrone Johnny Evers.

But after Johnny’s latest successful title defense of the year the champion was victim to and unexpected attack. The Church of Angelfyre-members, Rob Raw and Mister Scott, together with the leader of the Curch, Gabriel Angelfyre paved the way for Rex Rage who cashed in his Catch Cup contract to demand a title match with the battered and bruised champion. Thus, without much effort, Rex Rage managed to defeat the European champion and win the title.

Johnny Evers finally spoke up about the events of that night today and let us know in his message that he demands a rematch against the current champion, Rex Rage. Evers knows like no other to wait on the perfect moment to cash in the Catch Cup for the title opportunity. That’s how he won the title in November of 2015, when he beat Gabriel Angelfyre. But the way Rex Rage went about his challenge is not something Evers can agree with. That’s why he’s challenging the reigning champion for a one on one for the title.

Relive the last moments of Evers’ final title defense, the attack of the Church, as well as the video response by Johnny himself:

Sam Libbrecht

February 9th, 2017

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