VIDEO: PWA Catch Cup ’17 Riot Match

VIDEO: PWA Catch Cup ’17 Riot Match

Besides the full house in title matches past weekend there was one match in particular, to which not only the fans were looking forward, but the wrestlers as well, specifically the previous champions. The winner of the Catch Cup ’17 match would not only take home the shiny trophy, but also receive a contract for a title match of their choosing. This contract can be used at any time to challenge a champion for a title match.

In this eighth edition people got to see the reigning Tag Team champions, a freshly-crowned Queen of Diamonds and the DareDevil champion. They had the chance to make sure their rivals weren’t able to win the contract, but could win it for themselves as well. That way they could challenge another champion or immediately revoke a rematch for their own title, should they lose it.

Past Catch Cup winners always managed to wisely use the contract to successfully procure a title from a champion. Examples such as Kid Lux, stealing away the DareDevil title from Spike Bones or Johnny Evers winning the contract in 2015 and taking the European Allstar championship from Gabriel Angelfyre or the most recent event, where Rex Rage cashed in his contract to defeat an exhausted Johnny Evers for that very same title.

In this eighth edition 17 participants engaged in battle to win the trophy and contract, in a match where even things like dance battles are legal. Relive the Riot match for the Catch Cup ’17 trophy and realize that the winner now has an ace up his sleeve and is one step ahead than the other members of the roster, and will surely be gunning for a title soon.

Sam Libbrecht

March 6th, 2017

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